lördag 12 januari 2019

Techno Woodstock - KLUB Verboten & Ett Litet Moln

 "Long time, no see."
Welcome all friends
Lördag 26:e Jan 2019 med bästa;
Star kl 23:00
DJ Pistaché aka Loke Malmsten [Miffo Musik AB]
Nima Khak [Sand, Parabel] https://soundcloud.com/nima-khak
Vadym Ukolov [Ukraine]
Sebastian Gudding.
Ation Rop. [Isak Möller Kalpak]
Mårten Attling [Live 08:00-06:00] Feat. The Machine Soul 
"Organic dreamy leftfield techno with an Acid twist - a hybrid set from the heroes of last years awesome gig at the Techno Woodstock NYE party."

 Ett Litet Moln
Invitation to friends of Techno Woodstock, Stockholm's Gay and Fetish community and to other music lovers.

No strict dress code but I would appreciate Sports, Rubber, Leather, Fetish. Mixed audience

"Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK"

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