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Techno Woodstock New Year's Eve Party 31 dec

Kenny Larkin is distinctly one of the world’s most premiere leaders of Detroit techno in the electronic music industry today.

As a producer, DJ and remixer, Kenny has mesmerized crowds and fans across the globe for the last twenty years with his music. Since 1990, Larkin has cemented his name in the pages of dance music history along with fellow Detroit Techno music mates, Derrick May, Carl Craig and Kevin Saunderson.

To most electronic music aficionados, Detroit native Kenny Larkin is a man who needs no introduction. His impressive 20-year history of creating arguably some of the most timeless, soulful techno ever created, is unquestionable. But, to the newer generation of club-goers, who aren’t aware of his contributions, now is the time where Kenny re-establishes his position as one of the most valuable forces in dance music today.

On his popularity, Larkin states:
“I’m more like the artist’s artist. I’ve had very successful electronic artists telling me all constantly how much I’ve influenced them, but, to the newer generations of club-goers, my name might not be as well known. I like to say, I’m famous for not being famous!” -KL

Since the beginning of his career, Larkin’s profile was never considered massive, nor did he ever serve as the “face of techno.” Yet, the respect and admiration he garners from his fans, electronic musicians, and journalists globally leave little doubt as to his relevance, and influence in a genre that sometimes can be described as lacking in feeling, warmth and musicality.

It is that musicality that allowed him to give us an unforgettable collection of original material and remixes, such as the amazingly groovy Inner City “Share My Life.” Many consider this rework one of the best Inner City remixes ever done.
We would tell you all about Redshape, but we don't know who he actually is. He hides his real identity behind a red mask at all times, even wearing it onstage at his club dates around Europe, which of late there have been many. We do know the man behind the mask lives in Berlin, he does a rocking live act and he's released half a dozen tracks over the last year or so on labels such as Delsin, Styrax Leaves and Music Man. We also can reveal he has studied a lot of old Detroit techno records: 

His sound is a new update on old school templates, and it's getting a thorough rinsing by DJs as diverse as Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Âme and Cassy.

"I don't prepare any details like breakdowns or mixes before I go on stage," says Redshape. "My plan is to do a recordable jam session which is kinda organic and never really the same in any of its components while still sounding straight."

If you see a guy hanging out in the alley behind your local club with a red mask on, don't call the police, it's probably just Redshape psyching himself up to go on stage.
Olika rum att njuta Techno, house & lite disco.

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